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Lois Bujold GoH Speech & Q&A

Packed room.

Poor woman! Her voice is giving out, but she's soldiering on ...

Wow -- she's been doing this for fourty (40) years!

Talked a bit about the future of SciFi; the variety of genres in fiction generally; her use of mystery or romance as sub-threads in her stories.

Interesting discussion on mixng genres and can you make the other genre the central theme of a science fiction. She has done this in the Shining Knife series (now a tetralogy)

Noted that, for each genre, there is a requirement to focus on the genre's primary theme, and any other aspect of the tale (ie - world building in a romance novel) needs to be subordinate and tightly controled to support that theme.

Includes anime/manga in her speech. Has become a fan of shojo manga

Overall this is a fairly serious speech. I hope that she [Bujold] agrees to the Con publishing/posting her speech on the Con's website.

Q&A session:

When asked about fanfiction, she acknowledges that she is fanfic-friendly (having done it in her early career) but limits herself to NOT read fanfic set in her universes.

On the question of eBooks: Not as a reader, waiting for all the cutting-edge issues resolved before she'll dip her toes. But as a writer, she has stepped in (http://www.fictionwise.com, http://www.baen.com) and been plesantly surprised by their performance.

One question - advice on how to write a fan leter that doesn't sound like adolescent drivel (lots of laughter!). Lois said she'd prefer email instead of paper but as to the content -- upto the fan! And keep sending it to her (lots, and lots of laughter!)

Another laughter sparker - "when will Ivan get his own book?" ;-)

Damm! I just realized I forget to pack my Japanese translations of Bujold's Memory, so I could get it autographed! Arggh!

More later (need to recharge the laptop)

Thursday at Denvention 3 (cross post)

Denver today is wonderfully cool! Last night's rain really cleaned the air and dropped the temp. Lovely!

Walked around the 16th Street Marketplace. Lovely revamping of an old area of town. Very pedestrian friendly and well-arranged.

Caught the end of Stardust (one of the Hugo nominees). Nicely done. I hope Neil Gaiman liked the interpretation.

Just left the eBook primer session. Focus was on does the forum make a difference for the writer? Or is writing the same no matter what the medium? I liked the panel. Especially the comments by Dave Howell (People of Interest) who represented an epublisher. Some windbags (in the audience, as usual) and poor microphone usage 'tarnished' the experience (two of the panelists had very soft voices).

Now I'm at the panel -- The Limits of Empire: How big can galactic empire really be? We'll see how it goes. My alternate is The Swiftly Tilting World of Madeline L'Engle or Tie-in novels for TV and gaming or Unique Astronomical Environments: living in extreme places

Well, Limits of Empire was ok, left early to get stuff back to the hotel and dig out the APC powerpack cable (which I thought I had lost!!). Then went to grab lunch at Appaloosa Grill. DAMM good French onion soup! Has a bit of sherry (or other alcohol) that gives it a sweet taste. And the bison burger! That's Good Eats!tm.

Interestingly enough, at the Fanfiction panel's all female, and out of 30 odd attendees, 3 guys (including self). Very funny session though, with some good points re: the nature

Dinner at 1876 (the Hyatt's restaurant) - ehh, it was ok

Harry Potter

Watching the ending of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Looks pretty good. Need to get my own copy and watch the whole thing at home. Actually need to get all the movies to date.

Denvention, ho!

Well, its 10:40 pm local time ... 12:40 am east coast time. It took a looooong time to get here. Got diverted to Cheyenne, WY for almost 1.5 hours, for fuel and due to a storm that shut down Denver International. THEN we got held at Cheyenne because the storm had moved north and kept us on the ground for another 1/2 hour. arrrgh!

But I'm finally in Denver and time to enjoy!!


4 days and counting! Denver bound!


Trying to figure out what I'll take with me to Denvention3. My limits are one carry-one bag (which may or may not be my backpack/laptop bag) and the suitcase (that'll be checked in). Too much to take, too little room! Plus my back can't take the abuse! ;-)

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

Another year, another WorldCON

Well, its been almost a year since my last entry and and its its time for another WorldCON! This year I'm off to the Mile high city- DENVER!

Ohayo, Tokyo!!!

Well, I'm in my room, after a loong trip to Japan!

First things first -- ANA ROCKS!!! Love the airline, and if you can fly it business class, you will have a wonderful time. The food was amazing. You have the choice of a Western or a Japanese menu. Take the japanese! The amazingly well cooked; flavorful and beautifully presented. And the seats are amazingly comfortable, something I was very worried about over a 15 hour flight from DC non-stop to Narita.

Arrival in Narita went smoothly, though I gave the poor customs officer a bit of confusion -- she couldn't believe that I had such a heavy bag for one man (lots of clothes). *Chuckle* Then followed the path way to the JREast offices, got my N'EX ticket and Suica pass and caught the 4:43 train to Tokyo station; switched to the Marounouchi line to Akasaka-Mitsuke station. NO problems. And I had been really concerned, after reading all about how bad Tokyo rush-hour can be, and the thought of getting between floors at Tokyo station (see map - http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/estation/e_tokyo.html) with my luggage *and* trying to squeeze onto a packed trains -- disaster!! Reality was substantially better. Crowds were light, station was easy to navigate, and I was off the N'EX and on the next Marounochi line train before I knew it. The worse part was the walk (uphill!!) to the hotel in what was still humid and hot weather. Had to be at least 30-32C when I checked in about 9 pm.

Enough for now. I need to unpack and sleep, hope the late nights upto departure will help me sleep soon and break through the jet lag. I'll post a link to a picture of my room (that does follow the tales re: Tokyo and space!)

Mata aimasho!